Established in 2013, Follus is the world leading UV DIY printers solution provider. We provide innovative technological solutions for customized DIY printers in various countries around the world. With years of technical research, our technology enables our users across the world to enjoy online and offline fast customization experience. 

We at Follus believe on continuous technological innovation to create value for our customers. Our company has won trust and cooperation of global customers and have established cooperation with well-known foreign and Chinese companies with close partner like Alibaba cloud, Tencent, OPPO, Huawei and many more.

Our daily mission is to serve our customers with best of our abilities by being a leader, an innovator and a partner.

Who We Are?

We are the best uv printer manufacturer. We are committed to engineer best DIY printers which creates values for our customers. Our team works and manufacture towards the betterment of every single living soul. We develop customized printer products to ease the life on planet earth. It is our believe that evolving technology makes life more simple, effective and connected as never before. Our aim is to transform impossible thoughts to possible experiences towards surprising future endeavors. Our inventions are purely based on customer’s demand, usage and feedback. We build trust on customers through quality solutions and services. Our brand design customize solutions which involves customer’s interaction more than ever before. Yes, We are Follus. Follus provides smart, lightweight, portable, user-friendly, and high-speed UV printing technology in the form of a wide range of DIY custom printers at affordable prices. For the utmost satisfaction with your purchase experience of UV DIY printer, welcome to inquire with us.


With 10 years of customized printing experience, we at Follus have successfully developed fully customized user friendly DIY printer based on uv technology. With just one scan away you can capture your beautiful life moments and convert them into an actual gift for your dearest. Our mission is to create smart and unforgettable memorable customized gifts that you and your loved ones will love and enjoy for the years to come.


We take pride in being professional UV DIY printer provider. With advanced quality management system and unparalleled service system, where our users can experience next level customization experience.


We deliver high performance DIY printer products with constant software update, services and solutions that exceeds our customers’ expectations.


Follus has a DIY printers that will meet your needs and your budget while delivering the reliability, quality and innovation we are known for.