Basic Issues

Where can check the details information about the printer? Things like size, features, price, shipping and get quotation.
You can go to our website www.follusuvprinter.com. Also you can send email to peter@follusuvprinter.com or you can ask us directly WhatsApp: +8618620222645 Peter Huang

If I place an order right now, how long will it take to receive it?
Usually it takes one week around by air or sea. It’s up to your location.

How can I get after sales service?
We provide lifetime service and one-year warranty. If any problem, please mail to us. We will support you online in time.

Is there any delivery service?
Yes. After your payment we will ask the logistic company to send your order directly.

How to get your service support?
Contact us directly. We will provide aftersales service.

ST-01 Technical Issues

How many colors of ink printer has?
It’s totally four colors. CMYK.

Is it pigment, solvent, eco solvent or latex ink?
It is eco solvent ink.

Can I find and buy ink from my country?
It is solvent Ink, you can use only for our printer. You should buy it from us. For our clients we have special offers it is mean cost of ink is low.

What is the print area of the printer?
A4 (210*310*30mm)

What is printer package size?

What printer head inside ST-01 printer and how much does it cost?
It is Epson L310. It is cost 80USD/Piece

What is the print speed?
One full printing area / 2 minutes

How much ink cost if you print in one piece of phone case?
Ink cost for each phone case is around 0.04 USD/Piece

What is the power consumption?

What kind of materials and surfaces ST-01 printer can print on?
Different material phone cases like TPU, PE, leather and etc.

Does the ink dry automatically after printing?
Yes, the ink will dry automatically in two to three minutes after printing.

What do I need to do before and after printing?
Before printing you need prepare the phone case and material which you need to print. For Model ST-01, after printing you cannot touch the surface of phone case until it dry after 2-3 minutes.

Does the printer include a heater?
No. This Printer hasn’t included the heater. It is no need for normal printing.

ST-02 Technical Issues

How many colors of ink printer has?
It’s totally six colors. CMYKWW.

What kind of ink can I use?
The FOLLUS UV Ink that we provided.

Is it able to use any other brand UV Inks for FOLLUS Printers?
We are highly recommended to use only FOLLUS UV Ink. If you will use other brand Ink it can affect the printer system and cause damage, with a subsequent disclaimer of warranty.

What kind of materials and surfaces ST-02 printer can print on?
Any flat surface material like: TPU, Glass, Acrylic, Wood, Leather, T-Shirts and etc.

What printer size and weight?
Size: 660*540*420mm / weight: 15.5kg

What is the print area of the printer?
A3 (280*380*70mm)

What is weight of print items can use?
You can use items weight up to 5kg.

Does tray has automatic height adjust?
No. Tray hasn’t automatic head adjustment. Only manual adjustment. But if you use our Smart System for print standard items. You need make adjustment only one time.

How to adjust head height?
Adjustment of the head height manually. But if you use our Smart System for print standard items. You need make adjustment only one time.

What head inside ST-02 printer?
Epson Xp15000.

What kind of operation system FOLLUS printers support?
At current moment we support only Microsoft Windows System. But we are working on supporting other operating systems in future.

How many phone cases can be printed with one ink set?
Usually it can print 1500-1800 Pcs phone cases.

Does the ink dry automatically after printing?
Yes, the ink will dry immediately after print since because printer has UV Lamp inside. Ink getting dry during printing process.

If I do not use white ink, can I continue printing without white inks?
Yes. It can use while white ink used out.

What is the recommended print mode?
It’s up to the printing needs.

Does the printer include a heater?
Its UV Printer has inside UV Lamp which can heat and dry the ink during the printing.

Can I replace the UV lamp?
We do not recommend replace UV lamp by yourself. Please contact with us before change.

What should to do if the ink does not adhere to the printing material?
If the ink not adhere to the material surface. You can prepare surface for printing. You can coat surface before printing.

Is UV environmentally friendly? What protection I need when I use UV printer?
Our UV printers is environment friendly. No need to use any special protection when you use the printer.

General Support Issues

What routine maintenance do I need?
Turn on power. The printer will automatically clean.

What power cords are needed?
Considering the power cord with different standard. That is why before you purchased. Please let us know what kind of power cord standard you need or send a picture of plug.

What is the cleaning solution for inks?
You can refer to our website and check the video on how to clean the ink.

Will have consume ink during cleaning?
Yes. The ink will be a bit consumed during the printer head cleaning.

What to do when the machine is not used for a long time?
Please always keep the printer power on, it will clean the ink automatically. If any problems, please contact us, we will provide best support for you.

What if the test print does not print successfully?
Usually the test print will successfully. If test print was fail, please contact us directly. We will help to check and support online.

What to do when I see a message [Ink Run Out] or [Ink Low] on display?
Add the corresponding ink color to the ink tank.

How to maintain printer in good condition?
Keep the Printer work continually to make sure the printer head not be blocked.

What to do if the nozzle is clogged?
Remove the nozzle and clean it. Detailed check the video in our website.

How do I store ink?
Keep bottled ink in a cool indoor environment.

How to get spare parts?
You can buy from us.

How long will the lifetime of image printed by printers would be?
Usually is it half year without any problem.

Is there any installation service?
Yes, we will help you to installation online after you get goods.

Who will give me training?
After purchased FOLLUS printers from us our customer service engineer will give your online training.

FOLLUS Smart System Issues

Why it is called smart printer?
It is not only a printer but a whole smart ecosystem including the printer.

What it is the Smart System?
It is online web order management system with a custom phone case printing system.
Each printer is assigned a fixed QR code and a dedicated API login account and password. Customers can scan the QR code through their mobile devices to upload pictures and confirm online orders. At the same time, the printer operator can log in to Dashboard by the assigned account and password to implement process such as order checking and order printing and etc.

Is the smart system include to any FOLLUS printer? Its free or need to pay?
It is free. Smart System included to cost of all our printers. As long as the phone cases purchased from us it is free charge.

How to connect the Smart System to the printer?
The Printer connected by our API which you can log in by the fixed ID and password (each printer will be assigned one fixed ID and password). After you installation the driver of FOLLUS printer then you can log in Dashboard by the ID and password which we give to you. Then you can get into the dashboard of the system where you can check the orders and print the orders and etc.

How to use the FOLLUS printers?
Each printer has a user manual. We also can send electronic version of user manual after you purchased our printer. It is easy to use. No need any special skills to operate it.

If something goes wrong with my Smart System experience who can help.
We have the after service. If something goes wrong, please no hesitate to contact our support.

If I purchased a lot of printers and put them in different shops. Can I monitor and check each printer of each shop printing how many orders each day?
Yes. We will give you one API ID and password which you can log to Admin Dashboard to check different shops orders in each day.

After scan the QR Code, user APP shows interface in English or other language?
It is up to your mobile phone’s language. If your phone language set English, then it should be to show English interface, if it other language then it shows other language accordingly. At current moment Smart System supports only English and Simplified Chinese Languages, but we will add more languages in future.

Can I use printer without Smart System?
Yes, you can use our printers as normal printer for our daily need without any restrictions.