FOLLUS Smart System

How to integrate FOLLUS smart printers solutions to your small business

1. Buy One of FOLLUS Printer

Buy one of FOLLUS printer set: ST-01 or ST-02 and accessories for them.

2. Connect your FOLLUS printer by API to FOLLUS Management System and get your personal QR code

Easy to connect to smart pinting management system for your company client orders.

3. Put your personal QR code to your phisical shop and integrate order system with your website

Let your clients make order by them selfs. Smart web APP and management system making printing process easy to use.

How to place an order with FOLLUS Web APP

1. Scan unique QR Code for your shop or click the special link

Use any system mobile phone or tablet.

2. Choose your phone model and case type

You can choose a case model from most existing phone models.

3. Upload your picture or choose from existing design patterns

You can add also text or other decorations. If you know how to post picture to social media, it can be same easy.

4. Confirm and wait your printed order

When your order is placed, you can go into the store, at this point most likely your order will be printed.

Scan QR code by your mobile phone or click button bellow

How to print the order with FOLLUS Web ecosystem

1. Choose the order and click preview

Put the necessary case into the printer and check for inks.

2. Click to print and check the printing

It is spend less than 2 minutes for one order.

Use Login: Demo / Password: Demo